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Where it all began

Founded in 2020 by Jane Black, Health Boss is a proudly Australian owned company. Jane lives a life of health empowerment, and she aims to continually improve herself - even as she ages. Her mission is for physical wellness, body vitality along with fun, balance and peace.

Jane, who has studied both nutrition and business, has been concerned about her evolving nutritional requirements. Despite adhering to a stringent wholefood diet and a regular exercise regimen, something felt amiss. Along with the challenges of depleted soils and the abundance of nutrient-deficient foods, this led her to found her business: Health Boss!

Health Boss was created specifically to empower our customers’ health, via convenient, great value products that work. It is time to embrace the best version of yourself! Be your own Health Boss.

Because if there’s only one thing you can be the BOSS of, make it your health.


We're here for good

Our vision at Health Boss is empowerment through good health as we age.

We aim to provide cost-effective, high-quality supplements that work. To assist our customers to be their own health boss.

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Introducing our founder

Meet Jane Black

With over two decades of high-level corporate sales and marketing experience, Jane embarked on an exciting role in the health and wellness industry at the beginning of 2020. Soon after the role began, the global pandemic hit, her role abruptly ended, and she felt like she was “the boss of nothing”.

Along came shutdowns, masks, remote learning, remote offices, active-wear as work-wear, and other changes to our “new normal”.  Jane regrouped, and then embarked on her passion project: launching Health Boss late 2020. She brought to market her 1st product in November 2021 - because good things take time. The range has expanded since the early days, and it provides choice. Each product specifically addresses different health concerns that come with ageing.

Health Boss is a range for anyone. Anyone who wants to take more control of their health and wellness. We are passionate about developing good value, high quality products to support and benefit everyday people every day.